I am an aspiring teacher and freelance writer, currently on a journey to rediscover my hometown of Athens, Georgia after living for four years in Milledgeville where I studied psychology and creative arts therapy. I have always been madly in love with Athens and now get to enjoy it from a more adult perspective, though I am back in my adolescent bedroom (autographed Cobra Starship poster and all).  I have experience writing for local lifestyle blogs and feminist publications.  I’m a virgo INFJ who loves Wes Anderson movies and Roald Dahl books. As a wealth of useless knowledge, I am in my natural habitat at various trivia nights, Terrapin Golden Ale in hand. My phone is currently home to just over 10,000 photographs, many of which are of food. My perfect Athens Saturday morning is spent breakfasting with a good book at Ike & Jane followed by a visit to The Athens Farmers Market. My favorite Beatle is George.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @amanda_taylor.