All American Rejects/Taking Back Sunday

Last night, my parents took me, Mary Katherine, and Morgan to Atlanta to see Taking Back Sunday at the Tabernacle.  We left Athens and headed straight to Ted’s Montanna Grill.  So so delicious.  If have never had bison, you really should.  We started the meal with the best chili fries I’ve ever tasted.  I had the skinny dip (bison burger with avocado).  It was really great.  After the meal we parted ways with dad and he went off on what he calls a “Jeffventure" (aka stay at the resturant and read the paper).


Mom, Mary Katherine, Morgan, and I walked across the street to the Tabernacle.  I had never been there before and I was so excited about my first visit.  The building it’s in is incredible.  Mom was telling me it used to be an old church, and then a House of Blues, before it was the Tabernacle.  The inside really reminded me of the House of Blues in Orlando.  All of the walls are painted with crazy colorful murals. We got to the show kind of late and missed Anberlin.  We found seats on the second level in one of the balconies.  We were lucky enough to have a mom that was willing to fight for seats for us, because they were awesome.  We were right above and directly to the right of the stage.


We sat for a few minutes before Taking Back Sunday came out.  They sounded awesome.  Adam Lazzarra looked great, as always.  I don’t know exactly what it is but I find myself so attracted to him.  Matthew Fazzi had a boot on his foot and was still playing and hoping around stage.  Impressive.  My one complaing, no “Timberwolves" or “You Know How I Do."  It was still awesome though.  We had a blast dancing, singing, watching Adam strut around stage.  Mom became very nervous he would knock someone out with his mic, but all ended well with no injuries.


After Taking Back, All American Rejects played.  One look at Tyson and Mary Katherine turned to me, “What is he wearing?"  He was covered head to toe in tight red clothes, not to mention glitter.  He said he was wearing it to for the (Red) organization, but it did put a bit of a sexual question mark in our books.  Nick Wheeler, on the other had, had a baby mullet and a Mexi stache and the boy still looks great.  I have had the biggest crush on him since eighth grade when my friend Shelbi opened my eyes to his charming good looks.  They set was great.  Morgan loved it.  It was so much fun to see her as excited about a band as I have felt myself.  It was one of their roadies last show, so they brought him on stage and Nick, Tyson, and Mike all stood around him as they played “Swing Swing."  It was really cute.


All together the night was a success.  I hope to go to the Tabernacle again sometime soon.  Until then, I’ll sleep through sweet dreams of Adam Lazzarra and Nick Wheeler.


Originally written November 29, 2009