Beginning of the End

Today was my first day of senior year.  Tons of emotions have rushed in with it leaving me with a very mixed feeling.  I am excited to be a senior, but scared and nervous of what lies ahead.  I don’t like unknown and at the moment my life after high school is very unknown.  As well as it being my last first day of high school, it was my younger sister, Morgan’s, first day of high school.  My sweet freshman kid sister is going through as much change as I am.  I remember when I was a freshman.  I was regularly nervous and scared I would get lost or walk into the wrong class.  I was able to “man up" and break through that change, and that is what I will have to do with this one.  Change is something everyone goes through, whether it for better or for worse.  We have all faced it before and just as I have done in the past, this year (as well as next) will be bring huge change, and I just have to enjoy these things while they last.

Originally written August 17, 2009