Hot Mess Across the US Tour

Last night, Mary Katherine and I went with my dad to see Cobra Starship play at Vinyl. We got there at 6:05 and doors opened around 6:10. When we went over to the merch booth and checked out everything. I got the tour shirt and the CS lightning bolt necklace. They had some pretty sweet stuff. Mary Katherine and I put a dollar in the tip box and Danny gave us each a purple “Guilty Pleasure” wrist band like the ones they were selling on Sassyback. After that we went and found a place near the stage. DJ Skeet Skeet came out soon after. I thought he was pretty good. He did a good job of getting the crowd psyched.

After that, the Friday Night Boys came on. I only knew “Makeout Molly,” but I thought they were really good. I did not realize just how gray Andrew’s hair is. I don’t think it ages him. He’s actually fairly good looking and can work the gray.

The Audition was also great. Danny can really belt it out. I knew a few more of their songs than Friday Night Boys. They played a fun set. They asked if anyone had a good joke and a girl told one that I thought was pretty funny. Please correct me if I get the notes wrong…A D, G, and F walked into a bar and the bar tender said “I don’t serve minors." Hope you liked it. I did.

After the Audition they set up for Cobra and then DJ Skeet Skeet came out for a bit more. At this point I was pretty tired of Skeet Skeet and other opening madness and just ready for some Starship. He got the crowd pumped up again and then introduced Cobra Starship. They were amazing. This was my fourth time seeing them and I have always had a blast at their shows. They played the best set list I’ve heard from them. Their “band banter" hasn’t changed too much over the years. Stories about songs with no guitars and small keyboards, but it never gets old. I would also like to note that Victoria looked adorable. She had on a black top with a pink bustier under it and short black and white searsucker shorts. It was hot. They played a good bit and then went off, but came back on for an encore. The encore was Pleasure Ryland (Ryland and Gabe came out first and then everyone else joined them half way through), Good Girls Go Bad (They Should’ve let Victoria sing on Conan), and Guilty Pleasure (I did was doing the dance and Gabe grabbed my hand and pulled it =]).

After the show we hung around a bit and met Andrew and Mike from Friday Night Boys. They were both super nice. Then we ate a delicious meal of the Varsity and I did some statistics homework on the way home. Score.

Originally written August 21, 2009