Say Anything

Last night dad and I ventured to the Masquerade for a little Daddy/Daughter time.  Grandma Johnie gave me Say Anything tickets for my birthday and the day had finally come!  When were running a little late and got there around 7:00, luckily they were also running a little late and Miniature Tigers started playing right as we got there.  I really liked them.  Kind of a Native American Modest Mouse thing going on.  They had a rain stick.  That sums up their sound in a nut shell.  A rain stick.  I bought their CD after the set.  Their lead singer, Charlie Brand, was working the merch booth, and I love the experience of buying the CD from the musician.  He was super sweet.  Asked my name, shook my hand, all that jazz.  I was really digging his Teddy Bear sweater.  Moneen played after them.  Then Eisley.  The Dupree sisters are magic.  They’re like nymphs or Veelas or something.  The Japanese couldn’t create something cuter than Sherri.  Max Bemis came out and played guitar with them on a song and their interactions were so cute.  He gave her a big hug before leaving the stage.  After the stage had been soundchecked for Say Anything, people started chanting “Bemis," and then a group of boys began singing “Alive with the Glory of Love" hoping to lure them out.   They came soon enough and they sounded incredible.  This was the first time in a while that I was really enjoying being in the crowd right next to the stage.  I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I saw Max Bemis in person.  He was really cute and funny.  He would come down off the stage and talk to the crowd.  They played all their best songs.  The only thing I wish they would have played was “Walk Through Hell."  People would yell at them to play it, but it was obvious they were not straying from the set list.  Towards the beginning of the show people were chanting “Molly Conelly" and Max looked at the set list and was like “UUh we’re gonna play that later!"  In the encore people were trying to get them to sing “Walk Through Hell" and Max was like “I know what we’re playing and it’s called ‘Admit It.’" Of course people went crazy for that and forgot all about “Walk Through Hell."  Towards the end I was standing towards the back of the stage and I could see Sherri watching, singing along, and taking pictures.  She and Max are so cute.  I have several times stalked their wedding pictures and I can only hope my wedding will be half as nice.  All and all, the show was great.  Hawthorne Heights, The Cab, and now Say Anything, Jeff/Taylor shows are always the best.

Originally written November 11, 2009