What Happens in Vegas...Tour

Last night I went to see the Cab at the Masquerade.  I didn’t have tickets but my dad and I decided to go at the last minute and I was able to get tickets at Publix.  I’m so glad we decided to go.  We got there pretty late because we were coming from Athens.  We saw the last bit of A Rocket to the Moon.  I had never heard any of their music and thought they sounded good.  They had a nice energy.  The Cab came up next and they were awesome.  They played a short set, but they only have one full length and an EP (I’m not gonna complain).  The highlight of the night was the acoustic version of “Vegas Skies."  It was beautiful.  Cash was not their, for personal reasons, and the Eye Alaska played bass with them.  That was a bit disappointing, but the show was still great.  After the show I hung around a bit hoping some of the guys would come out.  After a while I realized that Deleon and Marshall were both behind the stage signing stuff.  I walked back there and got Marshall to sign my shirt and got a picture with him, but Deleon left before I could get his attention.  After waiting to see if he’d come back out, I walked away and saw Bryan walking around.  I got a picture/autograph from him and then headed outside to find my dad (who didn’t realize the show was over and thought we’d have at least an hour more…it was over pretty early).  When we went outside, Deleon was out there so I was able to get a picture with him then.  Overall it was an awesome night.  Tons of fun.

Originally written July 31, 2009