How I Overcome Blogger's Block

You may have noticed a sudden influx in the posts on this blog.  This is because I am currently doing Sarah Arrow's 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  She sends a clever blogging lesson to your inbox and you write a post everyday for thirty days.  Simple, right?  Not always.  Sometimes it is hard to find the time to write.  Sometimes its hard just to think of things to write.  So, today I wanted to share with you some ways I overcome Blogger's Block.

  • I never force myself to write.  I can tell a huge difference in a piece I wrote because I was inspired to do so and one I made my self write.  I'll let you in on a little secret--the latter is never as good.
  • I stay in the know.  I use Newsify and Twitter to follow news stories related to the subject matter I enjoy writing about.  Some days I wake up with no idea what to write about but once I'm on Newsify I find a great story that I have an opinion on and want to share.
  • I use a calendar to plan posts.  Now, this is still not something I'm great at BUT I'm getting better!  I use a calendar to plan what I am going to write for a week or so so then I'm not rushing at the last minute to find something to write.  There are so many websites online where you can find interesting holidays, this day in history, all of that can be a potential post.
  • I think as a blogger.  Now when I travel or go to events I think about them with a Blogger's mind.  How would I write about this?  What would be the best way to represent this event on my blog?  Even if I don't write about that particular event, it helps to exercise my brain and grow as a writer.

Those are just a few ways I avoid Blogger's Block.  What do you do?  Please share in the comments!  And for more posts like this please subscribe and receive each new post in your inbox.