Georgia College and State's Women's Resource Center Blog

While in college, I interned for my school's women's resource center.  This is where I learned how passionate I am about feminism and gender issues through helping to host events at school and writing blog posts on topics I found important.

Response to TFM's "Stop Crying Rape" (Februaury 2014)

Go for the Gold (March 2014)

Terry Richardson: A Modeling Nightmare (March 2014)

The Unslut Project (April 2014)

The Unslut Project

Through my internship with the women's center, I got in contact with Emily Lindin, founder of The Unslut Project.  Lindin started this organization to raise awareness regarding slut shaming and bullying by publishing her middle school diary entries chronicling the age at which she was labeled "the middle school slut."  I got the honor of working with Lindin as a blog writer for her organization's website.  

Studies Ask: What's so Upsetting about Women having Casual Sex? (July 2014)

How Colleges Can Get Better at Handling Sexual Assault Cases (July 2014)

Will You Accept This Rose, and my Dignity? (July 2014)

Cyber Misogyny and Why We Must Take Back the Internet (August 2014)

The Broad Collective

The Broad Collective is made up of a group of writers, photographers, and other such creators sharing their love for Athens, Georgia.  I began contributing to The Broad Collective as a guest writer, eventually making my way onto their team as the Lifestyle Editor.  This writing ranges from favorite Summer treats to moving back into my parents' house.

Ten Ways to Chill Out in Athens (September 2014)

Moving Home (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Postgrad Life) (October 2014)

A Brief History of Elephant 6 and What's Still to Come for Athens' Legendary Recording Co. (October 2014)

A Peek Inside Curate. Pop Up Shop (December 2014)

Guerrilla Girls Take Over the Georgia Museum of Art (January 2015)

Tailored Events Pop Up Brunch (January 2015)

Boybutante Ball: A History (April 2015)

Boybutante: Jesus is a Biscuit, Let Him Sop You Up (April 2015)

How Strange it is to be Anything at All: Neutral Milk Hotel Return to Athens (June 2015)

Interview with Little Eliot's Mike Curato (October 2015)

Interview with Textr Founder Sam Getty (November 2015)

Southern Bon Vivant

Recently, I began serving as the Lifestyle Editor of Southern Bon Vivant, a site run by Molly Wilkins out of Macon, Georgia.

My Athens Present Projections: A Night of Fashion and Film (November 2015)

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